FOODLIFE started as a way to support families who had been impacted financially by the Covid-19 outbreak crisis by providing three types of boxes;

  1. A Dinner Is Served box which is an emergency pre-cooked meal for families
  2. An Emergency 3-4 Day Dry Food Boxes through Foodbank
  3. A Fresh Food box with fresh fruit & vegetables.

These can be obtained via a referral or order form. Contact us to find out more.

But FoodLife isn’t just about supplying emergency food boxes. It is so much more…


1. Our Hope Café Community also comes under our FoodLife initiative, click here to find out more about Hope Cafe, we would love to have you join us!

2. Community & Market Gardens – Our current Community Garden is run by volunteers as a productive vegetable patch but will be used as a future training and equipping garden for families. We have also created a Market Garden to produce larger amounts of fresh veg and salad that will go into the FoodLife boxes. A brilliant opportunity for volunteers to get involved and for families and schools to come on programmes and courses longer term. 

3. We love to train and equip families so will be running  FoodLife courses. These courses incorporate fun, cooking, gardening, budgeting and health & wellbeing by using foods that have been grown in our Community and Market Gardens and other on-site facilities. A FoodLife course not only equips you with lots of new skills but also allows you to give back to Restore Hope and help us to continue to support families in need by growing vegetables that we can use in the Foodlife Boxes.

4. Celebration Feasts with Messages of Hope. One of Restore Hope’s values is to celebrate the successes of those we work with, what an opportunity to use site grown food as part of our celebration events. All details of our events will be on our website and Facebook page.



Come and join the fun!

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