The ongoing work of Restore Hope is dependent upon the incredible kindness and generosity of our friends and supporters. The donations made enable us to bring hope to 100’s of children, young people and families every year.

We would be so encouraged if you would consider supporting us financially to see hope restored, either with a monthly or a one-off donation.
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Many thanks.

Your generosity will enable children, young people and families who are facing difficult circumstances to:

Discover a place where they are accepted and can find unconditional love so that they can share what’s really happening in their lives and receive practical support.

Receive training, learn skills and gain qualifications that will restore hope and truly change their lives and futures back at home.

Enjoy new fun activities that might never have been possible. These create memories that will last a lifetime.

Rising hope touches every area of people’s lives so your generosity has a real impact on children’s, young peoples and families’ current and future relationships, health, education, homes, employment, financial stability and family life.

It enables people to achieve their potential and release ripples of hope to others so that both lives and whole communities can be transformed.