A parenting course like no other.

It’s nothing to do with discussing ‘recipes’ or formulae to tackle our children’s behaviour. Rather it is a key to reflecting on and understanding the emotional needs of our children – what their behaviour is showing us, and how we as carers can use every opportunity to invest in our children’s self esteem and emotional well being.

It’s accessible, doable and remarkably effective!

The course runs over 6 weekly sessions, where an informal and supportive atmosphere encourages debate and ensures that everyone’s views are respected. For many of the parents who have come along, the revelation of a new way of ‘being’ with their children has been life changing. During this past year, Restore Hope has joined with local mothers’ groups, church toddler groups and parents’ groups ….and the response to the material has always been the same. It’s an emotional revolution! Difficult relationships have been turned around; children who lack self confidence begin to discover a new belief in themselves and childhood tantrums have become an opportunity for parents to connect with the feelings behind the outburst.

Our next course begins January 24th 2017 at Restore Hope.


Join us for our next course starting January 24th 2017.

Please email you interested and details to naomi.williams@restorehopelatimer.org or phone 01494 765555