We currently are not running this course but hope to again soon!

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About Circle of Security

Circle of Security is so much more than a parenting course. Based on 50 years of research into the way Attachment Theory impacts family dynamics, this course reveals that every child is born longing for attachment to their caregiver and what can appear to be negative behaviour often has its roots in a child’s desire to connect with their parent. Looking at ways we can ‘be with’ our child helps diffuse tantrums and temper outbursts. When our day to day relationships sometimes get a little fractured, we learn how to repair and maintain them to make a stronger emotional bond.

This dvd-based course creates a safe space to review how wider family dynamics  affect our children. It enables us to consider different ways of parenting through teaching and group discussions with other parents.

Not currently running. Please feel free to contact us to express your interest.

The evening starts with dinner together at 7.30pm and finishes promptly at 9.30pm.

Including dinner and materials, £30 per person, £55 per couple.

Contact nina.cooke@restorehopelatimer.org

to book your place or call 01494 765555

I'm now recognising the emotional needs of my children, not just trying to cheer them up


I'm more reflective and try to understand situations from my child's viewpoint before acting


I'm more observant of our children's behaviour – reasons behind it – and having more success in managing my own impulsiveness

Parent on the course

We are more aware of our own and our children's feelings. We have more confidence as a couple in how to address challenges


I deal with meltdown situations differently. I try to be with them instead of leaving to deal with their own feelings