How we work to see Hope Restored

Our focus is to come alongside children, families and young people who are facing challenging situations. We spend time getting to know them personally, listening to their story and offering support that is relevant to their unique situation and needs.

Our heart is that each person would find hope for the future, grow in confidence in the skills and abilities they have, find renewed purpose and take their own steps to fulfill the incredible potential that they carry.

We provide one to one family support, groups and connections that enable hope to be restored.

We offer a wide range of life skill, personal development and educational courses that inspire, train and equip people with skills that enable them to flourish.

We take time to celebrate people’s achievements and believe that as each person’s hope levels rise whole communities can be transformed.

We create opportunities and encourage people to share their stories and release hope to others through volunteering.

We work in partnership with a wide number of statutory agencies, schools, other charities and local Churches to see hope restored and multiplied across the region and beyond.