We are blessed with some fantastic resources at Latimer Park. However, the on-going work of Restore Hope relies upon the incredible kindness and generosity of our friends and supporters.

However, as our work expands, we need more funds.

Giving is healthy and we are delighted to offer you an opportunity to give with us. The amount you give isn’t really important (some people give small amounts regularly, others give one off donations, others give larger sums as they earn it)  it’s the fact that you care enough to give at all that most blesses us. Here’s a story that illustrates this point well:

Mother Teresa once gave an interview to Hello! magazine. She was asked the question, ‘Is it only the wealthy who give?’ 

She replied, ‘No, even the poorest of the poor give.  The other day a very poor beggar came up to me and said, “Everyone gives to you and I also want to give you twenty paisa” – which is about two pence.  

I thought to myself, what do I do?  If I take it he won’t have anything to eat, but if I don’t take it I would hurt him so much.  So I took, and he was so happy because he had given to Mother Teresa of Calcutta to help the poor.  Giving cleans the heart and helps you get closer to God.  You get so much back in return.’

If you would like to give to help support the work of Restore Hope, please contact us or download a donation form.

Thank you so much.